BREXIT and International Students

A recent official study recommends there should continue to be no cap on overseas student numbers, arguing they bring money, skills and “soft power” to Britain. 

This was the conclusion of a September 2018 report by the Migration Advisory Committee, which is tasked with giving independent advice to the government on immigration.

The report says over 750,000 students come to the UK each year and reasons “If there is a problem with students in the target, it is with the target itself rather than the inclusion of students in the target”. 

The UK Institute of Directors’ Senior Economist Tej Parikh said the report makes “abundantly clear the benefits international students bring to our country”, but that “there remains a strong case for re-examining the inclusion of students in the Government’s net migration target”. 

He also said that Britain is at risk of becoming less competitive than Canada and Australia if it fails to create more opportunities for international students to live and work here after their studies.

The report overall nonetheless received mixed reviews from student and university bodies, saying the recommendations did not go far enough.

However the argument falls, the fact is that the rest of the EU sits firmly in the minority of regions from which International students arrive in the UK to study, with China and the Far East forming the  the lion’s share of demand. The chart below makes for interesting reading.

Furthermore the Brexit-fuelled impact on the value of the £ makes the UK an even more attractive place financially to study for further education.

All this, together with the ever-growing demand from students for high quality accommodation would appear to make the Purpose-built Student Accommodation market a solid one for not just the long term, but a real opportunity now for the seasoned property investor.

Which UK City comes top for property investment this year ?

I am constantly researching the UK property market to identify areas of interest for investment. I thought you might like to take a look at the facts below which firmly position Liverpool as the preferred UK city of  investment, above Manchester and London.

Please take a look at the following:

Private Finance Reports

Private Finance’s latest buy-to-let hotspots analysis has revealed that Liverpool is the UK’s top performing city experiencing average rental yields of 6.2% once mortgage costs are taken into consideration. This is not something which is likely to blow over considering Liverpool have held this position since May 2017 whilst Greater Manchester averaged rental yields of 5.9%.

Reference –

Which City is Growing Faster?

Across England, Liverpool grew faster than Manchester and London in 2016. Liverpool’s economy grew faster than London, Manchester and any other major British city in 2015/2016, figures show.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that Liverpool enjoyed an economic growth rate of 3.1%, faster than any similar major city region in the country.

Reference –

Liverpool has become the one to watch in 2018: “Liverpool was a strong contender in 2017 but 2018 will really be the year investors take note. Property prices are still low but creeping up slowly, so now is the time for investors to benefit from the strong capital growth predicted over the next 5 years. With the amount of investment being ploughed into the area, particularly the £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters project and £1.8 billion into the Knowledge Quarter,  Liverpool is without a doubt a hotspot for investment.

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Knowledge is Power – Why the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter is still THE Northern Powerhouse hotspot

Liverpool’s economy is the fastest growing out of all Northern Powerhouse City Regions. 

Liverpool Waterside

The Northern Powerhouse is a Central Government backed investment to boost economic growth in the North of England and balance the UK economy between the North and South of the country, in particular the core cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle.

It’s getting better all the time

The scheme takes on the job of improving transport links, investment in science and innovation and devolution of powers in City Deals. Over the course of the scheme, we will see £3.4bn invested into growth deals, £70m into education, £13bn on transport, and a further £445m invested into improving the quality of life for each of the core cities growing population.

Liverpool now leads the way, as the city benefiting most now in this second phase of the scheme while other cities such as Manchester have already seen the bulk of the effects from the investment.

The Knowledge Quarter – Why Student investment in Liverpool is top of the class

Over the next 5-7 years two billion pounds worth of investment are being pumped into redevelopment in The Knowledge Quarter of Liverpool.

The Knowledge Quarter Liverpool is the city’s academic hub and home to much of the UK’s leading R&D activity. The University of Liverpool, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool John Moores University, and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are among those thriving in an environment of collaboration.

What is KQ Liverpool ?

KQ Liverpool, as it has become known, covers 450 acres to the east of the city and plays a key role in attracting investment from a wide range of industry sectors. New developments are in the pipeline to ensure that KQ Liverpool’s network of innovation continues to expand.

With around 54,000 students, KQ Liverpool is an integral cog in the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse project. Adjacent to the theatres restaurants and bars of the Georgian Quarter, KQ Liverpool is one of the most appealing destinations in the UK for students and young professionals.

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