[property insight] Busting some passive property investment myths

The idea of making property investments passively can cause a great deal of confusion – what do we mean by passive investment through property anyway?

Let’s bust a few myths –  here’s what we think:

1) Passive investment through property is not about laziness. It takes a ton of research upfront on an what could be a long-term investment. Only when the hard work of due diligence is done and the investment made can the investor sit back. 

2) It’s not for everyone. It’s not for those that spend all their waking hours living and breathing property as property developers or landlords. We love you, but we know you’re more likely to be seeking funding than wanting to invest in other things right now! These dedicated souls need to keep their hands busy and if they’re doing it right should expect the fruits of their labours to reward them handsomely eventually. This is less true for UK residential landlords than for developers these days, and some are completely changing the way they invest in property as the world changes around them.

3) Having complete control of your property investment does not guarantee success. There’s no such thing as a risk-free investment, and the unexpected can bite you if you put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re a landlord you’re probably invested heavily in one “property paradigm” which, when attacked by government policy (as as happened recently in the UK) can have a devastating effect on your whole portfolio. Consider “targetted diversification” when you invest. Be an expert in your field but have plenty of strings to your bow.

I’m passionate about helping property investors move their investment strategy forwards with a clear plan for the future. So if any of this resonates with you, I’d like to chat with you privately and with no obligation or “hidden agenda”. 

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[video] How is the build going at our Liverpool student investment ?

Check out the latest drone construction update for our Liverpool student property investment, One Islington Plaza…

Our latest Liverpool investors video shows progress so far. All on schedule to open for this Academic year, with very strong  student interest already – many room already reserved by tenant students.

As ever, let me know your thoughts and questions!

The opportunity for ownership is now strictly limited to the last few apartments at One Islington Plaza. Discover the yield-busting returns consistently enjoyed by our UK and international investors by getting your copy of the investment guide today.

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[video] A guided tour around luxury student accommodation in Liverpool

I recently took a trip to Liverpool to take a close look at the latest UK Student Buy To Let developments available to discerning property investors today and a key focus for us was the outstanding deal at One Islington Plaza.

This trip is part of our standard Due Diligence – we (unusually in the industry!) insist on seeing and scrutinising any development before we put our name to it. See how we got on…

Our clients would expect nothing less of us, and as we like to “bring our investments home to you”, I though you might also like to see one of the video clips we produced for them.

If you’re a seasoned Student Property investor you’ll be reassured. If you’re new to student property, you’ll be amazed at the quality of life that purpose-built student property offers today’s demanding students.

Watch the (unedited!) clip of me showing investors around the show suite of the fabulous One Islington Plaza…

The opportunity for ownership is now strictly limited to the last few apartments at One Islington Plaza.

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