How property entrepreneur Stephen Beech from humble beginnings is changing the face of central Manchester…

If you’re a follower of property investment in Manchester – the historic epicentre of the Britain’s Northern Powerhouse, then this could be set to inspire you even further.

Stephen Beech, the award-winning founder of Manchester property developer Beech Construction and Beech Holdings (Manchester), started as a forward-thinking landlord in the student district of Manchester and has grown to become one of the key players in the restoration and conversion of listed office buildings in the city centre.

These include conversion to high-spec apartment buildings serving a significant need and enhancing city centre living.

Beech was one of the first UK property developers to recognise the benefits of issuing a Property Bond to private investors to help scale the business and make the most of the many construction opportunities available to him in Manchester.

As a result, this property bond is one of the most established and succesful for both Stephen and his investors, as they share in the rewards of Beech’s vision for Manchester and his determination to restore the heart of the city he loves.

So why not sit down, grab a coffee and be inspired by property entrepreneur Stephen Beech of Beech Holdings (Manchester) as he describes his vision for helping to breathe life back into historic but neglected city centre buildings.

To discover how to be a part of the Stephen Beech success story in Manchester and take part in  the benefits of the , download the Investors Guide today:

Investor demand for UK student property alive and well – The Laceworks proves it

When you look at the figures, you don’t need a degree in economics to conclude that property investors worldwide are seeing UK purpose-built student property as solid investment and are ready to snap them up.

Provided that is, that the location is right, the developer has years of experience and track record, and the right company is signed up to run it.

Our latest student offering, The Laceworks, serving Nottingham’s two universities, fits the criteria better than most.

As a result, of the 222 high-spec student suites in the development, over 200 have been sold since Christmas. That’s close to a record.

Demand for exceptional UK student developments has never been higher, and continues to be the highest performing real estate asset class in the UK.

Take a look at The Laceworks, tell me what you think and, if you’re an agile cash investor you may even still be quick enough to secure one or more of these suites for your own portfolio.

Just drop me a quick reply and I’ll send you details…