Northamptonshire shows the biggest increase in property prices in the UK this year

Midlands Property is experiencing a ‘Mini-Boom’ with Northamptonshire outperforming any other county at 2.2% Month on Month & Nottingham experiencing 7% annual growth.

According to The Guardian UK newspaper, asking prices for homes in Northamptonshire have jumped by 9.1% over the past year, the biggest increase in England and Wales, Rightmove said today, as London’s unaffordable property market has driven people to buy further away and commute.

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One property developer, midlands-based Godwin Developments has known this for some time and is set to take full advantage of this localised growth. You can find out much more about Godwin and how investors can enjoy this ‘mini-boom’ for themselves through their loan note investment from Godwin Capital.

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