Why are Property Bonds growing in popularity?

More and more,  property investors and traditional savers alike are becoming attracted to Property Bonds as a way of boosting income and avoiding the hassles of direct property ownership.

Here are a few of the drivers that are prompting this interest – do any of this resonate with you (especially if you’re still learning about this asset class)?

  1. Bank interest rates for savers are at an all-time low. Savings accounts in the UK are  struggling to keep up with inflation, let alone provide any real growth.
  2. Property is still seen as a secure asset class by those who know, and with not enough homes being built in the UK demand continually outstrips the supply.
  3. There are more and more obstacles in directly owning investment property. Heavier taxation for residential investment property and reduction of tax reliefs for expenses;difficulty in raising mortgage finance for buy to let; dealing with tenants; licensing; regulation, the possibility of rent controls; the list goes on). Many property investors are looking for less hassle and more profit: being the lender, not the landlord.
  4. As part of this movement, investors who are cash-rich and time-poor are looking to partner with developers by lending rather than getting directly involved in the day-today running of projects.
  5. In uncertain economic times a predictable fixed income for a known period of time has much appeal.
  6. Whilst no investment is in any way risk-free, modern Property Bond structures can offer credible security and a practical exit strategy should things go wrong with the developer – something that isn’t usually available to direct peer to peer property lenders, for example.

Property Bonds are not for everyone – but if you qualify they have the potential to offer a very interesting boost to one’s income and wealth – but only if you choose wisely.

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All the best for now,

Graham Turrell – The Investment Engineer

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