Off to Manchester to meet the property developers at Beech Holdings

What’s the buzz about Manchester property investment right now? I’ve a strong idea but I’m on my way right now to find out face-to-face with local property developers…

Tomorrow I meet with Stephen Beech, the award-winning Manchester property developer and chairman of Beech Holdings (Manchester)

Stephen built his reputation transforming tired and downright broken commercial buildings into state-of-the art eco-friendly residential apartments, with incredibly low energy bills. As well as contributing to the city’s transformation, he has also amassed a personal property portfolio in Manchester of around £23 million.

Stephen Beech knows how to profit from property. I’m here to look at an exciting new opportunity, which offers qualifying small investors a way to get involved with his latest Manchester projects, by a very interesting form of secured Crowd Funding. This gives investors the chance to enjoy great returns from both income and capital appreciation and let Stephen’s team of experts do all the hard work.

Tomorrow I’ll also be looking at the most recent project and grilling the team as part of our ongoing project due diligence. Got to dash: I’m just arriving in Manchester right now. I’ll post again tomorrow on the train home and let you know how it went and the latest news.

Meanwhile, take a look at the project by clicking below.

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