Saving Stream Investment - Fixed Returns. Strong Pedigree.

Why consider the Saving Stream Bond... ?

The Saving Stream Bond allows investors to indirectly participate in the P2P marketplace without any active management. The Lendy platform is the peer to peer platform is owned and operated by Lendy Ltd, which has been trading since 2012 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Lendy Platform, a peer to peer loan-based crowdfunding platform secures loans against professionally valued UK property. Since 2012 over 14,000** registered users have earned a total of £18.8m** in interest, with a 100% success record in repayments*.

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The Saving Stream Bond offers you:

  • A fixed rate 7% (5-year Bond) or 6% (3-year Bond) gross annual rate of Interest per annum,  paid quarterly net of 20% tax.
  • A choice of 3-year or 5-year term.
  • Your capital  invested on the Lendy Platform into loans secured by registered first legal charge, exclusively on UK property.
  • A strong track record and pedigree with the Lendy Platform.

More about the Saving Stream Bond

Saving Stream Bond Limited will use the proceeds of each subscription for Saving Stream Bonds to make loans on the Lendy Platform. Investors will NOT become lenders on the Lendy Platform.

All loans on the Lendy Platform are used to fund either property bridging finance or property development finance.

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** Correct as at 16th February 2017

Risk Warning: All loans made through the Lendy Platform are secured on UK property; however, capital is at risk should a borrower default. Funds lent through a peer to peer website are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Whilst no Lendy Platform investor has been subject to any loss of capital, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.