[property bonds] Why are Bonds growing in popularity with investors and developers?

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Aug 16, 2017 @ 05:09 PM


7-shutterstock_288113666.jpgWith us living longer, pension funds are not giving many of us the financial future we planned for, and other ways are often sought to grow financial nest-eggs to top up that future income. Bank savings accounts aren’t delivering on that either.


So is there a place in a portfolio for Property Bonds - for those of us that would rather be the lender than the property developer?

With good Property Bonds, you team up with an established property developer in a Joint Venture. But there are none of the set-up costs for the bond holder that you would normally associate with a direct property development project, or the advisor fees that come with buying traditional regulated investments: all of your capital goes to work for you.

Here are a few other key reasons to consider profiting from Property Bonds:

  • Property is seen as a secure asset class and with not enough homes being built in the UK demand continually outstrips the supply.
  • There are more and more obstacles in directly owning investment property. Heavier taxation for residential investment property and reduction of tax reliefs for expenses; difficulty in raising mortgage finance for buy- to-let; dealing with tenants; licensing; regulation, the possibility of rent controls; the list goes on). Many property investors are looking for less hassle and more profit: being the lender, not the landlord.
  • As part of this movement, investors who are cash-rich and time-poor are looking to partner with developers by lending rather than getting directly involved in the day-to-day running of projects.
  • In uncertain economic times a predictable fixed income for a known period of time has much appeal.
  • Whilst no investment is risk-free and they're not for everyone, a well-chosen Property Bond can offer credible security and a practical exit strategy should things go wrong with the developer.

Learn how to spot a good property bond, and those to avoid. All this and more is covered in our Property Bonds guide - grab your copy today:

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[Property insight] One thing remains stable in the UK - investors still vote for Property

Posted by Graham Turrell on Fri, Jun 09, 2017 @ 07:08 AM

As we wake this morning to yet more political uncertainty in the UK with the likelihood of a hung parliament, it's reassuring to remember that UK property investment has shown itself ultimately unshakable even in times of uncertainty.

Election-920x584.jpgProperty, this remarkable asset class, has historically weathered every political and economic storm that has battered the UK's shores in modern times. 

The reason - that we all need a roof over our heads - seems obvious but also reassuring. Reassuring that despite the posturing of the political classes as we see in government now, despite the political attacks on landlords to win votes, the value of property continues to thrive. Not just monetary value, but value as a nest egg for individuals, couples and families simply trying to provide a comfortable retirement for themselves and their loved ones through property investment.

No waves battering the shore of Britannia are ever likely to shake the security and comfort of property portfolio ownership.

Check out one of our most popular additions to any secure and stable property investment portfolio, whether investing from the UK or globally. 

Property Bonds provide fixed income secured through property, with the comfort of return of capital in full after a fixed time period. Their relatively low cost allows even the small investor to build a diverse portfolio and spread their capital over a range of property opportunities. Download our Property Bonds guide to discover more.

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[property insight] Busting some passive property investment myths

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Apr 24, 2017 @ 08:12 AM

The idea of making property investments passively can cause a great deal of confusion - what do we mean by passive investment through property anyway?

www.reuters.com.jpegLet's bust a few myths -  here's what we think:

1) Passive investment through property is not about laziness. It takes a ton of research upfront on an what could be a long-term investment. Only when the hard work of due diligence is done and the investment made can the investor sit back. 

2) it's not for everyone. It's not for those that spend all their waking hours living and breathing property as property developers or landlords. We love you, but we know you're more likely to be seeking funding than wanting to invest in other things right now! These dedicated souls need to keep their hands busy and if they're doing it right should expect the fruits of their labours to reward them handsomely eventually. This is less true for UK residential landlords than for developers these days, and some are completely changing the way they invest in property as the world changes around them.

3) Having complete control of your property investment does not guarantee success. There's no such thing as a risk-free investment, and the unexpected can bite you if you put all your eggs in one basket. If you're a landlord you're probably invested heavily in one "property paradigm" which, when attacked by government policy (as as happened recently in the UK) can have a devastating effect on your whole portfolio. Consider "targetted diversification" when you invest. Be an expert in your field but have plenty of strings to your bow.

I'm passionate about helping property investors move their investment strategy forwards with a clear plan for the future. So if any of this resonates with you, I'd like to chat with you privately and with no obligation or "hidden agenda". 

You can simply pull up my diary and book a complementary call with me right here. Speak soon!

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What does a good Property Bonds look like? The typical structure…

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Apr 17, 2017 @ 09:05 AM

working-as-a-team.jpgWith any investment  it's crucial to look beyond the headine figures and take the time to "look under the hood" as well. This is very much the case when it comes to Property Bonds.

The key players you should expect to see in a good property bond offering are:

A capable, experienced property development team with a strong track record of successful projects of a similar nature.

A legal team to:

  • Draw up the agreement between Bond Issuer and the developer, and the agreement between the Bond Issuer and the investor. 
  • Operate the Escrow account and ensure that all funds transferred between it and the developer are secured by developer’s assets.

A specialist administrative team to manage the payments to investors.

A Bond Issuer company with a strong track record of successful projects to:

  • Act as the intermediary between investor and borrower.
  • Independently represent the investors’ interests.

Some property developers with little or no understanding of investors needs, will try to do most or all this in-house usually cutting plenty of corners in the process. When you see this, run for the hills.

Learn how to spot a good-looking property bond, and those to run away from. Download our bonds guide today:

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[Property insight] Reasons to be cheerful about property investment in Preston

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Jan 30, 2017 @ 02:11 PM

Equipped with a competitive cost base and good location near to Manchester and Liverpool, Preston is the engine room of Lancashire’s economy and one of the largest local economies in the north of the UK.

Preston-2.jpgPreston has been reinventing itself since the year 1179 and continues to do so.

With the government’s economic strategy using cities to drive regional growth, it received an enormous boost to its economic growth aspirations with the recent announcement of the Preston, South Ribble and Lancashire City Deal:

  • £430 million directly invested into central Lancashire.

  • Expansion of transport and business infrastructure around Preston.
  • Creation of 20,000 new jobs and 17,000 new homes
stimulating a further £2.3 billion worth of local investment. 

Preparations have already begun to catalyse economic growth in Preston. The building blocks for further growth include:
  • BAE’s £12.4 million investment program at the Lancashire Enterprise Park. 
  • Lancashire Enterprise Zone – will attract 13,000 high value jobs and be one of the largest manufacturing hubs in Europe. 
  • European Social Fund training programme for 4,000 young local SME employees. 
  • Lancashire Growth Hub - a specialist business advice centre.
  • University's 36,000 strong community of students and professionals, contributing £300 million to the local economy annually.

Preston is all about economic growth through inward investment. And as the city's largest employer, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is right at the heart of this, with a recently announced £200m investment including a brand new £30m Engineering Innovation Centre.

Property investment that leverages this growth is going to be of great interest to educated investors. 

Exciting times for Preston, and as the saying goes ... follow the money!

Here's a powerful way to take advantage of this growth, in the property asset class where demand continually outstrips supply...

Innovation House Preston Investment Prospectus

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[news] Property Tax War Room - why being informed is half the battle won

Posted by Graham Turrell on Tue, Dec 06, 2016 @ 12:12 AM

Our Westminster Seminar 'War Room' Survival Strategies for Property Investors on the "hot topic" of how changes to UK property tax may seriously affect the future of most landlord investors, really hit the spot...

Graham Property Tax 1.jpgSome property investors know of the potential massive hit to profitability coming their way starting as soon as April 2017 and a few of these have already taken steps to minimise the impact.

At the same time, though,  the majority of property investors  in the UK are not even be aware that unchecked, these sweeping changes could potentially wipe out their buy-to-let business.

Being informed is half the battle won. That's why I and two other property and tax experts recently brought together property investors to Westminster from all around London and beyond to "tell it like it is" - and to offer some intelligent, practical solutions.

The response from the audience showed that we'd really hit the spot. So for all those that couldn't be there on the night or missed out on tickets... I like to share our ideas with you in three ways ...

To request a copy of the presentation, gain access to key video clips from the seminar, and speak to me about your property investment plans, just click below you can access my diary and book a property investment review at a time of your choosing. I want to give you real value and as this is so important I'm waiving my consultancy fee -  there's no cost to you whatsoever.     Let's talk !     





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[seminar] Landlords: what is even scarier than Hallowe'en?

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Oct 31, 2016 @ 06:37 PM

There are "malevolent" forces of taxation conspiring to destroy your career as a Buy-to-Let Property Investor. 

taxmancometh.jpgThis Hallowe'en is one day of the year when we have fun and can "pile on" the fear about the future, but frankly there's rather a lot to be afraid of financially - if you're like most landlord investors in the UK today.

Now, if property tax puts you under a spell, things are set to get far more ghoulish from next year, as the changes to UK landlords' taxation begin their gruesome grip on our finances.

There's no Silver Bullet -  but knowing your options is the key.

Help is at hand...

That's why we're meeting with a group of determined buy-to-let owners in Westminster next week on Thursday 10th November.

It's war, and it's time to prepare our defences. 

If you're around London next week, join us for an evening in Westminster as three property and tax experts join forces to give you survival strategies to manage and grow your property interests.

Due to high demand seats are now very limited, but to find out more and reserve your place, click the button below:

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[seminar] The Property Tax 'War Room' - Join us for an evening in Westminster

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Oct 05, 2016 @ 11:15 PM

The tax onslaught against residential landlords has become the hot topic among property investors. And it's only just begun.

tax-saving-piggy.jpgSome landlords know of the potential massive hit to profitability coming their way starting next April and a few of these have already taken steps to minimise the impact, However others are not even be aware that unchecked, these sweeping changes could potentially wipe out their buy-to-let businesses...

It's war, and it's time to prepare our defences. 

So - why not join us for an evening in Westminster as three property and tax experts join forces to give you survival strategies to manage and grow your property interests?

To find out more and reserve your place, you can click the button below:

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Here's some more detail...

This seminar is for you if are:

  • worried about the changes to tax law and how it might damage your property wealth
  • looking for ways to minimise the impact of the new UK property taxes on your portfolio
  • seeking to grow your portfolio in the most tax-efficient manner
  • looking for inspiration or new ideas

What you'll get out of attending this event:

  • Returns: Find out how to get better returns on your money and investments
  • Convenient location: Westminster venue, central London - you will get the details with your joining instructions
  • When: Thursday 10th November 2016 after work 18.30 - 20.45
  • Time-saving: Concentrated expertise - meet 3 experts and see what they have to say, in the same room at the same time.

Places are first come first served already filling fast so reserve your seat today.

Register Now 

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Interested in intelligent property investment?  Join me in central London on Thursday 9th June

Posted by Graham Turrell on Fri, Jun 03, 2016 @ 09:34 AM


I'm really excited about a seminar we’ve arranged for next Thursday the 9th June with Jeff Hankin, director of Best International presenting their investment strategy including information about their new UK car park offering along with their highly successful range of property bonds. 

This will be a highly informative event in a relaxed setting and presents a welcome and secure alternative to traditional buy-to-let property investment currently under unprecedented attack from the UK Treasury.

Are you able to make the event? The venue is the Thistle, Kingsley Hotel Holborn (2 minutes walk from Holborn station) with reception and light refreshments at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. There will also be opportunity for networking with like-minded property investors.

This is a free event, but it's value to you is likely to be immense. Due to populatirity and venue size, seats are now very limited so I recommend reserving your place today.

Happy for you to invite anyone you think would benefit from listening to Jeff. Please let us know number of seats needed by reserving them below (I'll get notified automatically). Any questions beforehand, drop me a comment on this post and I'll answer each one personally.

To secure your seat(s) now just click here:

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Look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you next Thursday!

Kind regards,

Graham Turrell

CEO HighGround Property Investment

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[insight] Never mind Black Friday, what about Black Wednesday?

Posted by Graham Turrell on Fri, Nov 27, 2015 @ 05:36 PM

This Wednesday the UK Chancellor announced yet another body-blow for the small landlord in Britain, by hiking Stamp Duty (SDLT) on investment property and second homes with a 3% surcharge on all property purchases over £40,000 from next April.

death_of_amateur_landlord.jpgIn today's world landlords are regrettably an easy target politically, being as they are, blamed for everything from social injustice to being responsible for property prices growing out of the reach of first time buyers.

Surprise! This targetting from what has traditionally been the property owners' political party, began by surprise in this years Budget when it was announced that buy-to-let mortgages would no longer be treated as a standard business expense. The realisation dawned slowly that for the first time ever, landlords could soon be receiving income tax bills greater than their profit. Something no other business suffers from.

The likely result is that rents will rise disproportionately to income as a result of the mortgage tax, and that property prices will surge as we see the rush to beat next April's SDLT increase. This harms both tenants and would-be first time buyers - the very groups that the government is seemingly trying to help.

All this is bound to cause further anti-landlord sentiment (who will be blamed on both counts), and who knows what further politically expedient anti-landlord moves will be next from the government?

Is this the death of the amateur landlord? We foresee that many landlords will be disposing of some or all of their investment properties when reality starts to bite in two years time and this new legislation starts to really take hold. This will be at just about the time when interest rates rises are likely to become a real issue for cashflow and survival. Many landlords that do survive all this will be discouraged from buying further residential investment property as purchase costs multiply with the stamp duty hike.

So the rules of amateur property investment are changing. Smart investors will see the signs and adapt in time. Others frankly will "die". It's certainly going to make potential investors think twice about buy-to-let. Fortunately there are always other practical ways to invest in property, which will come to the fore as restidential property is no longer seen as the only or obvious option.

See also /blog/property-insight-the-illusion-of-being-in-control-of-your-property

I'll talk more about this massive property sea-change in other posts so (if you haven't already) stay up to date and subscribe to the blog now by clicking the image below...

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