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Posted by Graham Turrell on Sat, Jul 28, 2018 @ 01:41 PM

I want to change an industry for the better, and help you make informed buying decisions. It's no easy task and I need to know what you think.

When you're looking to make investments in off-plan property or alternative investments, understanding the risks can be the most important consideration of all.

When you buy traditional property, you have a team to help with this: a solicitor, a surveyor and a mortgage lender. BUT, when it comes to alternative investments no independent help is readily available, and certainly not at a sensible cost.


There are some excellent investments out there, but what is missing is a no-nonsense, easy-to-digest report to help you make a truly educated and informed decision.

My mission is to offer you that very service at low cost. It won't sell you an investment - there are many brokers that can do this; it won't give you investment advice - I believe you are free to decide for yourself. What I will give you is valuable insights into the investment, the people behind it, and any issues that you should be aware of.

Each report will show the upside, the downside, the outside and the inside of that investment, working exclusively for you the investor.

I need your help

This quick survey will take less than a minute of your time and give me a valuable insight into how best to serve you. I won't use your answers for anything else (you can even give anonymous answers if you wish).

As a big thank-you, you have the chance to become a Founder Member: join Diligent Eye for NO monthly fee, forever.

Please click below to give me your feedback.

Click to Complete the Survey 

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Here's something surprising - how has UK Student property been impacted by the BREXIT vote?

Posted by Graham Turrell on Tue, Apr 17, 2018 @ 07:23 PM

Rather than damage performance, as many analysts had forecast, the Brexit vote intensified activity in the UK student property market and demonstrated the resilience of the sector.

One-Islington-Plaza-internal-1A recent report by Savills also highlighted how the demand for student housing in the UK has outgrown supply. Analysts believe that the market will continue to be driven by bulk purchases, as investors seek to shore up their positions and acquire additional scale.

Appealing to the Far East

The UK’s student property market has become a global asset class, attracting billions in investment from some of the world’s richest individuals and sovereign wealth funds. Demand is so strong that it was standing-room only for some prospective buyers at a recent investment conference in London. One of the biggest overseas investors is Singapore-based fund Mapletree, which acquired over 6,000 beds last year.

In recent comments, Hiew Yoon Khong, Chief Executive of Mapletree provided insight as to why the asset class holds such appeal to overseas investors, telling reporters: “Student accommodation is a big business and relatively low risk.” According to Savills, the second largest source of capital into UK student housing in 2016 came from North America, with over £1.3bn worth of investment. The bulk of which came from two Canadian investors: Brookfield SRE and CPPIB.

Rising standards

As the student buy to let property market has grown exponentially, so the quality of the accommodation has risen. Nowadays student rooms are more akin to corporate apartments, with communal facilities to match. A key part of our portfolio at HighGround is One Islington Plaza in Liverpool, where flat-screen TVs and high-speed broadband come as standard in the rooms. A cinema room, gymnasium and games room provide students the chance to relax away from their studies, reflecting new standards that many now demand. Research from Knight Frank shows that over one-fifth of students are willing to pay more than £160 per week for the right facilities. New possibilities are being created within the market, as developers compete for the attention of an increasingly discerning client base. Overseas students, attracted by a more lifestyle-oriented academic environment, are a big part of the equation.

Appealing to students means appealing to buy to let investors, who will in turn enjoy greater rental returns, and a UK student property market that has demonstrated it can weather the toughest of times.

See more about UK Student Property :

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Early Bird Last Chance : Property Network with the experts - crowdfunding special

Posted by Graham Turrell on Fri, Oct 20, 2017 @ 02:12 PM


As someone interested in understanding and growing in the power of property to enhance your wealth, I'm encouraging you to join us for an evening of excellent networking and informative & entertaining talks.

But I should warn you - to be fair to all our advance ticket fans our Early Bird discount tickets (just £15.00) will be withdrawn and the price will increase to £20.00 at midnight on Sunday.

We'll be filling up fast now, so I recommend getting the tickets you need right away to secure your seats.

Find out more and secure your seats

Register Now


These quarterly HighGround Investor Network events are attended by an exclusive group of experienced investors, ensuring you have the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

RichardBush1.jpgThis month, learn about the fascinating world of property crowdfunding from leading expert Richard Bush, founder of the CrowdLords crowdfunding platform.

The venue is the gorgeous Thistle Hyde Park Hotel with networking and full hot & cold buffet.

Register Now


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Today only - Property Network with the experts - with 90% knocked off

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 @ 11:12 AM


We want to give everyone the chance to "meet, eat, greet and learn" at our London Property Networking events. We're growing and we want to grow even faster.

That's why today, the 18th October,  we're offering tickets to next week's fabulous event at London Hyde Park - discounted to just 10% of tomorrow's price!

Tomorrow morning, the ticket fee will return to the full £15.00 (before going up to full price at the weekend), but today you can grab one (or two) for a frankly ridiculous £1.50 each.


Get 90% off Tickets - Weds 18th Oct ONLY


See you there - It's going to be an amazing evening rubbing shoulders with beginners and property experts alike.

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[news] Property Tax War Room - why being informed is half the battle won

Posted by Graham Turrell on Tue, Dec 06, 2016 @ 12:12 AM

Our Westminster Seminar 'War Room' Survival Strategies for Property Investors on the "hot topic" of how changes to UK property tax may seriously affect the future of most landlord investors, really hit the spot...

Graham Property Tax 1.jpgSome property investors know of the potential massive hit to profitability coming their way starting as soon as April 2017 and a few of these have already taken steps to minimise the impact.

At the same time, though,  the majority of property investors  in the UK are not even be aware that unchecked, these sweeping changes could potentially wipe out their buy-to-let business.

Being informed is half the battle won. That's why I and two other property and tax experts recently brought together property investors to Westminster from all around London and beyond to "tell it like it is" - and to offer some intelligent, practical solutions.

The response from the audience showed that we'd really hit the spot. So for all those that couldn't be there on the night or missed out on tickets... I like to share our ideas with you in three ways ...

To request a copy of the presentation, gain access to key video clips from the seminar, and speak to me about your property investment plans, just click below you can access my diary and book a property investment review at a time of your choosing. I want to give you real value and as this is so important I'm waiving my consultancy fee -  there's no cost to you whatsoever.     Let's talk !     





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[news] Report reveals facts and hotspots for UK student property

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Jul 11, 2016 @ 08:40 PM

STUDENTS-INDOORS.jpgPurpose built Student Accommodation (PBSA)  in the UK remains an incredibly popular asset class for a whole host of reasons.

When it comes to looking for reliable growth and passive income through property, fully-managed student property is hard to beat. 


Here are 9 fascinating facts about student property!

Did you know that ...

  1. It's Big Business. In 2015, a massive £5.1b's worth of PBSA transactions took place - the largest yearly figure ever.
  2. It's Popular. Just over 49,000 PBSA beds were bought and sold last year.
  3. The Big Boys are playing. Nearly half of these were bought by institutions, including major pension funds such as Aviva and BlackRock.
  4. If a certain brewery built property, it would be this. PBSA has again outperformed all traditional property classes.
  5. Students are in love. PBSA is more popular with students than ever before, and this is set to continue
  6. It can be T.A.X Friendly. Most Purpose-built student property is exempted by HMRC from capital gains tax (but seek professional tax advice to confirm for your situation)
  7. More buyers love second-hand. With increasing yields (average rent in 2015 was up by 3.64% - well above inflation), the resale secondary market is becoming lucrative. Some buyers are prepared to pay a premium for PBSA blocks with years of trading history.
  8. It's still growing. Growth is set to continue, with growth outside London expected to be greatest.
  9. There's a "Brexit Bonus". With a lower £ following the Brexit decision, the overseas student market could be set to enjoy another further boost in the medium term. PBSA is even more popular with non-UK students so demand could see another further shift from traditional privately let shared houses (HMO) and university-owned accommodation. 

If large institutions such as Aviva are buying PBSA for their managed funds, it may be worth considering taking a leaf out of their book? Especially when individual student suites can be owned for less than a deposit on some city centre apartments.

Discover more facts and figures in the latest PBSA report from Knight-Frank, including some expected PBSA UK hotspots.

To get your complimentary copy, just click the link below. 

Download Student Property Market Review 2016-18

What do you think of the report contents? Post your thoughts below, we'd love to discuss!

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[news] Chancellor announces lower Capital Gains Tax for non-residential property

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Mar 16, 2016 @ 03:03 PM

In Today's UK Budget, Chancellor George Osborne announced that Capital Gains Tax is to be reduced significantly. But the Chancellor said that Residential Property is EXCLUDED, meaning that residential landlords could pay up to 8% more in tax than commercial property owners when they come to sell.

george-osborne.jpgCapital Gains tax will reduce from 28% to 20% at the headline rate and from 18% down to 10% on the basic rate. The chancellor made it clear this afternoon in his speech that this reduction excludes residential property.

Investors buying commercial property such as Purpose Built Student Accommodation and Hotel Rooms will however benefit from this 8% reduction, as well as already being immune from the 3% second-property stamp duty surcharge that buy-to-let investors now have to pay when they buy.

So when our investors come to sell their property they will stand to save up to 8% of the sale price in tax.

Another black day for Buy-to-Let

This comes as a further death-blow for support for buy-to-let residential landlords from the government. Residential Landlords already face very significant income tax increases from next year.

We now expect to see a further significant shift of property investors from purchasing residential to buying commercial property, and HighGround are well placed to meet this demand.

The residential assault continues - its no joke

Many had hoped that the buy-to-let Stamp Duty surcharge of 3% starting on April Fool's day this year would only apply to landlords with less than 15 properties. But no, it was announced today that there will be no such limit. We're all in this together it seems.

If you have not considered affordable commercial property investment, perhaps now really is the time. Our expertise in sourcing fully managed commercial property gives us a unique perspective.

I welcome your comments and for a one-to-one chat about how we can save you money when you buy and sell investment property, book a call with me here. (You should of course also speak with a qualified tax adviser as your circumstances will be specific to you).

Saving tax

One perfect example of where you could save tax when you buy (no stamp duty for commercial property purchased at under £150,000), when you sell (lower capital gains tax) and while you own investment property is our flagship student property investment, Northgate Point. Commercial purpose-built student property as this already has key advantages over residential Buy-To-Let, and now these financial benefits are even more clear.

northgate point brochure download


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[news] HighGround Property Investment buoyant at London Property Show

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Dec 10, 2014 @ 10:02 PM

With the surge of interest in property investment over the last few quarters, we stopped to take breath in October and take part in the buzz of excitement around the Property Investor & Homebuyers Show at London's ExCel centre.

We're glad we did, as it gave us the chance to talk to many new friends about the benefits of hotel room investment and to meet up with some our great customers.

Watch the video to find out why we loved the show so much... 

We took the time during the show to explain how fractional ownership (when correctly applied) can work a treat for all types of property investor, as well as some of the key principles for successful investment.

For a closer look, get your copy of our useful free guide here...


8 Top Tips for Successful Property Investment

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