Manchester Property - how Beech Holdings is going from strength to strength...

Posted by Graham Turrell on Thu, Aug 10, 2017 @ 03:18 PM



Manchester property is booming and our friends and partners Beech Holdings are at the forefront of this revolution in the city centre.

Our site visit to Beech Holdings earlier this month, following the very successful London presentation from Stephen Beech really does bear this out: the developer's strong and steady expansion both in refurbishment and lettings, seemingly shows a Beech-owned property on every Manchester city-centre street corner that matters!

More on our site visit next time, but meanwhile check out Beech Holdings' latest investor newsletter... Click the image to the right for the full newsletter :


To discover how to qualify to invest in the success of Stephen Beech and his Manchester team using their established fixed-return, fixed term investment opportunity, grab a copy of the investment guide today ...

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[Report] Northern UK Property Day with Stephen Beech & Beech Holdings (Manchester)

Posted by Graham Turrell on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 04:23 PM

Yesterday's viewing trip to Manchester was a real eye-opener. The team at Beech Holdings (Manchester) are preparing to replicate their extraordinary success in converting old office buildings in central Manchester into comfortable eco-friendly apartments.  

Waterloo_Street_Beech_HoldingsStephen Beech has built a personal property portfolio worth over £23 million using this same approach. He began on a small scale by purchasing terrace housing, keeping the exterior intact, building an interior frame and extending upwards to convert each into 4-6 apartments.

The vast majority of these apartments were fitted with sophisticated energy saving devices such as solar panels (in the early days), energy-efficient windows and warm air heat exchanges. The usual rental model for these types of apartments in Manchester are all-inclusive, so whilst Stephen was making a positive contribution to saving the earth's resources, he was also able to undercut other landlords on rental charges and still get a better profit margin.

The way to really succeed in property? Simple innovative ideas - put into massive action.

A smart move, since Stephen Beech now has around 450 personal properties bringing in over £1 million a year in rental income, and his business model has scaled up beautifully in Manchester to an almost industrial size. The planning authorities in Manchester are keen to renovate existing empty office buildings and are favouring this over new-build as a matter of policy. 

Beech Holdings (Manchester) is set to dominate Central Manchester

Beech Holdings (Manchester) is very much in the ascendancy. They have ten office conversion projects in various stages of planning, with a further seven identified for the near future. Pictured above is one of these ten developments about to begin, on Waterloo Street in the city centre.

Beech is looking to raise £6 million in crowd sourced funds to finance the purchases, and has already achieved £2.5 million raised from private individuals in just 3 months. We are inviting qualified individuals to take part starting from £20,000 invested for 5 years and in return receive annual interest on10%, paid quarterly. This is a great return on a passive investment and is backed by first charge on the properties, as well as commercial and personal guarantees. This is clearly a property investment with security far greater than "going it alone" in the buy-to-let world.

So why should Beech bother with relatively small investors like us?

You may well ask why Stephen is going to the trouble of raising £6 million of funds this way. Why not go to the banks or sell some of his apartments? Simple reasons:

  1. Banks are still not lending sufficiently to large property developers.
  2. When they DO finally agree to lend it's too late. In Manchester the secret is to beat off the competition quickly and buy with cash.
  3. The other lending option, Bridging Finance, can cost 20-24% annual interest, so recycling this would be very expensive. Would you prefer to pay private investors 10% or a bank 24%?
  4. Why not sell some of the apartments? Stephen could do this but that would be throwing away tracker mortgages at very low rates, and therefore a considerable chunk of his net income.

So opening up to private investors is the natural and obvious solution. Beech gets relatively low cost loans whilst investors enjoy incomes many times greater than a savings account, and much higher than a traditional net rental yield, with none of the hassle. When it comes to investors in his business, Stephen Beech's philosophy is one of complete openness. Our due diligence process can testify to this - we're confident that any reasonable investor question will be answered directly - and to their satisfaction. All enquiries and professional due diligence is very welcome. If you're looking to invest in property or grow your investment portfolio, this has surely got to be worth investigating.

Find out more about investing with Beech Holdings. Download our brochure today.

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Off to Manchester to meet the property developers at Beech Holdings

Posted by Graham Turrell on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 05:14 PM

What's the buzz about Manchester property investment right now? I've a strong idea but I'm on my way right now to find out face-to-face with local property developers...

beech-holdings-princess-street-manchesterTomorrow I meet with Stephen Beech, the award-winning Manchester property developer and chairman of Beech Holdings (Manchester)

Stephen built his reputation transforming tired and downright broken commercial buildings into state-of-the art eco-friendly residential apartments, with incredibly low energy bills. As well as contributing to the city's transformation, he has also amassed a personal property portfolio in Manchester of around £23 million.

Stephen Beech knows how to profit from property. I'm here to look at an exciting new opportunity, which offers qualifying small investors a way to get involved with his latest Manchester projects, by a very interesting form of secured Crowd Funding. This gives investors the chance to enjoy great returns from both income and capital appreciation and let Stephen's team of experts do all the hard work.

Tomorrow I'll also be looking at the most recent project and grilling the team as part of our ongoing project due diligence. Got to dash: I'm just arriving in Manchester right now. I'll post again tomorrow on the train home and let you know how it went and the latest news.

Meanwhile, take a look at the project by clicking below.

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