Announcement: Date confirmed for Autumn HighGround Investor Networking Event Central London

Posted by Graham Turrell on Sun, Sep 10, 2017 @ 12:01 PM

I'm delighted to tell about our London Autumn Networking evening - on Thursday the 12th October.

full_hyde_park_exterior_normal.jpgJoining us will be our special guest Andrew Mitchell of Godwin Developments who will tell us about the history of this fascinating business and what makes them so successful as a developer.

As Investment Director of finance arm Godwin Capital No 1, Andrew will also discuss how they successfully attract developer capital from private investors. There will be plenty of time for quality networking and Q&A.

These quarterly HighGround Investor Network events in London are attended by an exclusive group of experienced investors, ensuring you have the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

I hope you can join us? The venue is the lovely Thistle Hyde Park Hotel with networking and hot & cold buffet served from 6.30pm.

As one of our most loyal subscribers, I'm pleased to offer you priority booking at our Autumn event, and the first opportunity to secure an Early Bird ticket today. Our aim as always is to provide high-quality events of true value to serious investors with a special interest in property.

Early Bird tickets are on sale now but are limited in availability. Therefore I recommend you book your priority ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment:

Discover More

Looking forward to seeing you there, for what promises once again to be a valuable and enjoyable evening.

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Manchester Property - how Beech Holdings is going from strength to strength...

Posted by Graham Turrell on Thu, Aug 10, 2017 @ 03:18 PM



Manchester property is booming and our friends and partners Beech Holdings are at the forefront of this revolution in the city centre.

Our site visit to Beech Holdings earlier this month, following the very successful London presentation from Stephen Beech really does bear this out: the developer's strong and steady expansion both in refurbishment and lettings, seemingly shows a Beech-owned property on every Manchester city-centre street corner that matters!

More on our site visit next time, but meanwhile check out Beech Holdings' latest investor newsletter... Click the image to the right for the full newsletter :


To discover how to qualify to invest in the success of Stephen Beech and his Manchester team using their established fixed-return, fixed term investment opportunity, grab a copy of the investment guide today ...

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[video] Revealed: the Secret of our Manchester property partners' success

Posted by Graham Turrell on Sat, Jul 15, 2017 @ 08:07 AM


Beech Holdings MEN Awards 2016.jpgAs you probably saw from our last post, award-winning Manchester property developer Stephen Beech and Beech Holdings now enjoy an enviable reputation as a developer and highly popular with tenants for quality residential lettings. 

If the short Beech Holdings video we posted got your interest, then sit down, grab a tea or coffee and dig a little deeper with the full version.

This all-new 17-minute video documentary explores all about the Beech Holdings story and the secrets of their outstanding success in Manchester... Chances are you'll be hooked in 30 seconds!

Inspiring? To find out more about Beech Holdings and the opportunities they offer to investors, grab your copy of their investor guide here:

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Watch out for further updates from us about Beech Holdings coming soon. 

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[report] An evening with our Manchester property partners

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Jul 12, 2017 @ 10:45 AM

We were delighted to see a great turnout for our London seminar last Thursday. If you missed it, and the opportunity to hear our award winning partners Beech Holdings tell their success story, then read on...  

stephen-beech-portrait.jpgAs well as some great networking, attendees gathered to hear from award-winning Manchester property entrepreneur Stephen Beech (pictured) to tell us his story of starting from nothing and building a multi-million pound range of property businesses.

The Beech Group now enjoy an enviable reputation as a developer and highly popular with tenants for quality residential lettings.

For those that missed the opportunity on the night, here is a great introduction to the impact Beech Holdings are making on the Central Manchester property scene: 


Stephen's strong track record for successfully taking unloved office buildings in Manchester city centre and bringing them back to life as high-specification apartments aimed at young professionals, is opening progressively wider doors.

To find out more about Beech Holdings and the opportunities they offer to investors, grab your copy of their guide here:

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Watch out for further updates from us about Beech Holdings coming soon. 

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[Property insight] One thing remains stable in the UK - investors still vote for Property

Posted by Graham Turrell on Fri, Jun 09, 2017 @ 07:08 AM

As we wake this morning to yet more political uncertainty in the UK with the likelihood of a hung parliament, it's reassuring to remember that UK property investment has shown itself ultimately unshakable even in times of uncertainty.

Election-920x584.jpgProperty, this remarkable asset class, has historically weathered every political and economic storm that has battered the UK's shores in modern times. 

The reason - that we all need a roof over our heads - seems obvious but also reassuring. Reassuring that despite the posturing of the political classes as we see in government now, despite the political attacks on landlords to win votes, the value of property continues to thrive. Not just monetary value, but value as a nest egg for individuals, couples and families simply trying to provide a comfortable retirement for themselves and their loved ones through property investment.

No waves battering the shore of Britannia are ever likely to shake the security and comfort of property portfolio ownership.

Check out one of our most popular additions to any secure and stable property investment portfolio, whether investing from the UK or globally. 

Property Bonds provide fixed income secured through property, with the comfort of return of capital in full after a fixed time period. Their relatively low cost allows even the small investor to build a diverse portfolio and spread their capital over a range of property opportunities. Download our Property Bonds guide to discover more.

Download HighGround Property Bonds Special Report


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Frustrated Property Investors: how to bank 40%+ and make the tenants someone else's problem

Posted by Graham Turrell on Tue, May 16, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

If you're someone on the look-out for intelligent, hands-free UK property opportunities, I believe this new investment has to be worth your serious consideration.

MDC027_Chester2_V03_Lobby_FINAL_JPEG_Small[2].jpgWith our rigorous selection process, I know we offer only the Best in Class student property investments. If you're considering hands-free student property then Northgate Studios in the beautiful English city of Chester is a truly exciting opportunity.

Placed in a fantastic student location, Northgate Studios is just a short walk away from the Chester city centre and the University campus. Its 150 luxury studios are fully-managed on your and the other owners' behalf, making this an easy ‘hands-off’ investment for you. 

Your key ownership benefits at Northgate Studios:

  • 40%+ Assured Net income over 5 years
  • 5% interest paid on all deposited funds
  • No stamp duty to pay
  • Perfect location for 100% occupancy
  • Hassle-free : full property management by a highly experienced student management company.

Why Northgate Studios and Chester?

Location. Location. Location:  in the historic walled city of Chester, successful planning permission for such developments is rare, ensuring that there will always be a strong student demand for your property. The first phase of this project has enjoyed 100% occupancy from opening, just as I expect to see at Northgate Studios.

This is a truly unmissable investment opportunity for investors, offering a superb 8% MINIMUM net rental income assured for 5 years, and 5% interest paid on deposited funds. 

Get your copy of our investor guide today...

northgate point brochure download

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At last - commercial finance for student property - here's how

Posted by Graham Turrell on Sat, Apr 29, 2017 @ 03:41 PM

With the dreaded "Landlord Tax" now upon the UK, many more property investors have been considering Purpose Built Student Property which are exempt from the extra taxes. But those who like to gear up with mortgages have been disappointed that none is available. Until now.

PBSA_Studio_Interior.jpgStudent accommodation is still the most successful property asset class in the UK, but before today, investors have needed to pay for their investment outright. 

We've got Finance:

We can now offer 50% finance* on selected student developments, such as Preston's unique Innovation House development (see below). Now, investors can halve the investment capital they need to own a student suite "cash cow". Our FCA-regulated financiers are already helping investors to double their spending power in this way.

if you'd like to find out more, just drop a note in the comment box below with the word "finance" in it and I'll pop you an email showing how this groundbreaking product could work for you.

Innovation House Preston Investment Prospectus*Subject to Status

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[property insight] Busting some passive property investment myths

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Apr 24, 2017 @ 08:12 AM

The idea of making property investments passively can cause a great deal of confusion - what do we mean by passive investment through property anyway?'s bust a few myths -  here's what we think:

1) Passive investment through property is not about laziness. It takes a ton of research upfront on an what could be a long-term investment. Only when the hard work of due diligence is done and the investment made can the investor sit back. 

2) it's not for everyone. It's not for those that spend all their waking hours living and breathing property as property developers or landlords. We love you, but we know you're more likely to be seeking funding than wanting to invest in other things right now! These dedicated souls need to keep their hands busy and if they're doing it right should expect the fruits of their labours to reward them handsomely eventually. This is less true for UK residential landlords than for developers these days, and some are completely changing the way they invest in property as the world changes around them.

3) Having complete control of your property investment does not guarantee success. There's no such thing as a risk-free investment, and the unexpected can bite you if you put all your eggs in one basket. If you're a landlord you're probably invested heavily in one "property paradigm" which, when attacked by government policy (as as happened recently in the UK) can have a devastating effect on your whole portfolio. Consider "targetted diversification" when you invest. Be an expert in your field but have plenty of strings to your bow.

I'm passionate about helping property investors move their investment strategy forwards with a clear plan for the future. So if any of this resonates with you, I'd like to chat with you privately and with no obligation or "hidden agenda". 

You can simply pull up my diary and book a complementary call with me right here. Speak soon!

     Let's talk !     


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What does a good Property Bonds look like? The typical structure…

Posted by Graham Turrell on Mon, Apr 17, 2017 @ 09:05 AM

working-as-a-team.jpgWith any investment  it's crucial to look beyond the headine figures and take the time to "look under the hood" as well. This is very much the case when it comes to Property Bonds.

The key players you should expect to see in a good property bond offering are:

A capable, experienced property development team with a strong track record of successful projects of a similar nature.

A legal team to:

  • Draw up the agreement between Bond Issuer and the developer, and the agreement between the Bond Issuer and the investor. 
  • Operate the Escrow account and ensure that all funds transferred between it and the developer are secured by developer’s assets.

A specialist administrative team to manage the payments to investors.

A Bond Issuer company with a strong track record of successful projects to:

  • Act as the intermediary between investor and borrower.
  • Independently represent the investors’ interests.

Some property developers with little or no understanding of investors needs, will try to do most or all this in-house usually cutting plenty of corners in the process. When you see this, run for the hills.

Learn how to spot a good-looking property bond, and those to run away from. Download our bonds guide today:

Download HighGround Property Bonds Special Report

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[Property Bonds] Introducing a peer to peer lending property bond

Posted by Graham Turrell on Wed, Apr 12, 2017 @ 09:25 AM

Crowdfunding is a popular way for would-be property investors to share in property developers' profits by lending them development funds. Results can be good, but wouldn't a "set-and-forget" fixed return be even better for the investor?

Speculation is often considered to be a higher risk activity than investment. We'll be covering this whole subject in future posts on Investment Education.

In the world of property bonds it's extremely rare to find an established Property peer-to-peer lending platform that offers a mini-bond to allow a truly "hands-free" investment into secured property developer loans.

In general, using bonds offers a potential way of turning speculation (such as those P2P lending opportunities with no defined return) into an investment, for those that see investment as a far safer option.

tax-saving-piggy.jpgHere's an example. The Saving Stream 5-year Bond allows investors to indirectly participate in the P2P marketplace without any active management. Proceeds of each subscription for Saving Stream Bonds will be used to make loans on the Lendy Limited P2P platform. Investors will NOT become lenders on the P2P platform.

All loans made in this way are used to fund either bridging finance or development finance. 

Rate of interest - 7% per annum, paid in quarterly installments from the date of issue of the Saving Stream Bond until the date of redemption.

Duration - 5-year fixed term

Issuer - Saving Stream Bond Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lendy Ltd

Minimum amount per application - £5,000 and, thereafter, multiple of £1,000

Who can take up these bonds? Qualifying Individuals, companies, charities and corporations subject to local restrictions and to submission of approved anti-money laundering documentation. At the time of issue the Saving Stream Bond can be placed in a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). However, we strongly recommend that applicants seek advice as to whether the specific terms of your arrangements permit this type of investment.

To discover more about how Saving Stream works, download the brochure today:

Saving Stream Bond Invitation

All opinions offered are expressly generic and do not constitute financial advice. UK Investors should always consult with an advisor authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) before making specific investment decisions.

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